History of Pendidikan Realistik Matematik Indonesia (PMRI)

06 Sep

History of PMRI is an article from ‘A Decade of PMRI’ which is edited by Prof. Sembirng et all. This following post is a reviewd article written by Elika Kurniadi, a student of International Master Program on Mathematics (IMPoME 2011) as an assignment of Introduction to RME course.

1. From concern to action

In the early 1990s, a group of mathematician and mathematics educators in Indonesia were worried about quality of mathematics education in Indonesia. They are six wise men who are very concern in this problem. They are Robert Sembiring (ITB, Bandung), Soedjadi(Unesa, Surabaya), Yansen Marpaung (USD, Yogyakarta), Pontas Hutagalung (PMRI, Bandung), Ruseffendi (UPI, Bandung), and Suryanto (UNY, Yogyakarta). They believe that mathematics education is the key for get better future of a country, Indonesia in particular.

They researched mathematics education system in many countries and choose to develop an Indonesia form of realistic mathematics education. Realistic mathematics education is a learning theory which developed in the Netherlands since the 1970s by Hans Freudenthal.  They decided to create local version of realistic mathematics education, specially adapted to Indonesian culture. The story began in 1994 when Robert Sembiring from ITB attended the second International Commision on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI) China Regional Conference in Mathematics Education in Shanghai. Through the contact of a plenary speaker , Sembiring invited a group of Dutch educators, some from the Freudenthal Institute, to come to Indonesia and initiated a programme of realistic mathematics in Indonesia. It is known as Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia (PMRI) or Realistic Mathematics Education in Indonesia. PMRI’s movement is bottom-up movement and start from the specific Indonesia situation.


Read more (download) History of PMRI


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