Java applet: Book of Magic

13 Sep

As I said before in the previous post that in the RekenWeb Game site there are some java applet or mathematics game which can be used to teach or learn mathematics. We already reviewed a game called Barney which is about subtraction and multiplication. Now, i’ll review another game/applet called BOOK OF MAGIC. This applet can be used to teach and learn about addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, negative number and decimal number. So that, this game is suitable for 9 until 12 age group.


  • Use numbers and the buttons for +, -, x, : on the left page to make the given number on the right page of the book
  • Numbers have to be used all and each number only can be used once
  • The buttons for “+, -, x, :” can be used as many as you want (you can use + twice or even three times)
  • The outcome of an addition, subtraction, division or multiplication can be used in the next calculation/sum.
  • You always have to write three sums
  • You can skip a hard problem and go to the easier one in another page by clicking  on the corner of the page. Right corner is for “next page” and the left one is for “previous page”
  • If you make a mistake in your calculation and you want to redo it, you can press or click “undo”.
  • If you get the right solution you will see the hidden animal (that’s why is called magic book)

If you want to read more about the review click link bellow:

Book of Magic (reviewed by Evangelista L.W. Palupi)

And if you want to play the game, click link:


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