Hello ….. (Students Comfort Zone)

20 Sep

by Destina Wahyu Winarti

on Wednesday, 14 September 2011 at 20:03

(Destina Wahyu Winarti graduated from IMPoME in 2011. She did her master program in Universitas Negeri Surabaya and Utrecth University. Now she is working as lecturer in Unesa)

i was walking along the school 1st floor coridor this afternoon, i heard a voice called me up (not particularly called me actually) but i felt that’s for me. “Teacher..teacher…”, i turned around and a little boy(gr.3 i presumed) made small run towarded me. For some seconds i didn’t know how to react, his face was not really familiar to me, i’m not his class teacher either. I mostly stay in 2nd floor and hardly interact with students in 1st floor though my office it self in the 1st floor. He smiled at me and i smiled back, for some seconds we just see each other then he ended that awkward moment by saying. “teacher…i know your name.:D”, well…i surprised and asked him back “really…? how did you know my name?. At that very moment then my memories started to reveal,i found him several times indeed looking at me and smiles when i was passing by his class, he acted as if he knew me so well (SMASH mode: ON..:D), but i just passed it.

He started to explain: “you came to my class once, remember?. during mandarin time, loutse was absent and you substitute her. We played game…the triangles!!” he spoked so well English, explain very clear and no hesitation as if i were his friend. ” you asked me to come forward, helping you counting the triangles”. always end his speech with smile.

Unfortunelty the bell rang so i cut the conversation, i asked him to go back to his class. Oh..God it was couple months back, i my self almost forget already. If along these couple of months all his smiles was because he wants to at least had small talk with me and i passed it just like that then now i feel really bad for ignoring him so long..T.T.

Yes i went to his class. At that moment..I had no class and his class had no teacher so i was assigned to sit there. I picked up random one student to come forward and it was him. I think i know how he felt at that time, He felt so happy because i choosed him and he also believed i trusted him that he abled to do the work. I valued him more by asking his opinion during the game time. Without realizing my self, i’ve built my bridge with him or if my lecturer (red:Siti Maesuri) said that this boy has his comfort zone with me. He feels so comfortable to talk, share or even study with me. I just realize how important to him the moment of me pointing him to come forward.

Now i imagine that all students have their comfort zone with the respective teacher then it will more or less help their learning process, not only for gaining good mark but they really want to learn something with excitement and trust each other. Well it might sound too ideal but i think it’s definitely possible..:D. ( while stuck in making ass paper..finding inspiration..^^)


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2 responses to “Hello ….. (Students Comfort Zone)

  1. Irwan Juanda

    November 2, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    I am a also a teacher, and i think you’d agree with me if i said that childern in some ways really can inspire and teach us a great deal of knowledge, don’t you think so?

    • evangelista89

      November 2, 2011 at 3:51 pm

      @Irwan Juanda: I do agree with you, 100% agree.. sometimes as a teacher we also learn from students. for example, students can solve a problem with different ways like we do. 🙂


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