26 Dec

Written by: Destina Wahyu Winarty


The aim of this research is figuring out the influence of teaching approach towards students understanding in learning mathematics in introducing multiplication concept to 2nd grade students. One interesting topic that effect student understanding towards a certain subject is how teacher explain in front of the class. On the observation held on 30th of November, class was conducted for 2nd grader on their 1st semester. Here teacher brought up the case about introduction to multiplication with contextual approach

Multiplication was chosen as a subject to be delivered to the student based on the previous observation. Interview was conducted from 3 students in the 3rd grade, 1st student has good skill in calculation but she cannot solve the contextual problem still, 2nd student does not have basic understanding about multiplication at all, and the 3rd student cannot connect his/her addition skill to solve the multiplication problem. The researchers choose 2nd grade because based on the previous observation on the 3rd grade some students did not have good understanding about multiplication, Based on this reason, the introduction of multiplication through contextual approach was given on the 2nd grade so that in 3rd grade it will be more effective for teacher to teach multiplication since the students have been introduced to multiplication starting from grade 2. This teaching is started with contextual problem because the researchers want students to build their own understanding based on their daily life.



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