My Drawing

This pagcontains of my drawings. i used to do drawing in my spare time especially when i am getting bored.

I have been interested in drawing since i am on 4th grade in primary school. At that time my art teacher showed us how to draw scenery like tree or mountain.

I am really sorry if my drawing is not good enough, but i hope you can enjoy it ^^

"Representative of my certificate of graduation photo"

Those two drawings above are representative of my graduation certificate photo. I already showed it and uploaded it on my facebook account. Some people said that it good drawing ^^ but my little brother said that the drawing is better or look prettier than the real one LOL >.< is it????????? πŸ˜€

Posted on Tuesday, 6 Sept 2011

Β  This sketch is my friend named go seong. i know him in hotmail. HeΒ  is from Korea (South Korea). We also friend in facebook ^^

in 9th sept 2011.

After failed to upload few days ago, now i’ll upload my another drawing ^^.

That drawing above is called EJA301… πŸ™‚ It’s called like that because this image of Jannah, Aris and Eva… 301 is inspired by SS501, one of Korea boyband ^^. Aris (Fariska Fauziah) and Jannah (Nur Jannah) were my hostel friend ^^ miss them ….

Because we talk about Kpop before… i post some kpop drawings.I am sorry if the drawings not really good.

1. Lee Donghae Super Junior

2. Kangin Super Junior

3. Lee Hongki FT Island

5. Nickhun 2pm

6. Yesung Super Junior

7. Taeyang Bigbang

8. G-Dragon Bigbang

9. Jaejoong JYJ (i made it yesterday.. when i was bored doing my tasks)

who will be next ????? LOL πŸ˜€

not only sketch, i also try to make digital painting … check it out ^^


Annyeong is a koran language for say HI… so in the begining of my post about my digital painting i would like to say hi to you all ^^

three images above are valentine edition πŸ˜€ i made it for valentine event… and sent it my belove friends ^^

those images above are about nature… the last picture is rainbow. It have been a long time since i saw the rainbow for the last time. Nowadays is getting hard and hard to be able to see it because of pulution don by people 😦


One response to “My Drawing

  1. dani

    September 9, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    selanjutnya Bigbang aja… xaxa πŸ˜€


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