In the first meeting Pak Zulkardi explained that we can use ICT in two ways:

  1. We use it as a tool to search information (google), entertainment (facebook, youtube) or for administration stuff like emailing become easier.
  2. The second one, we can use it to share information like learning material

The second use of ICT is important for us as lecturer or researcher, so that we can help another people like students, teachers or other researchers and lecturers who need some information that we posted.

Due of that, Pak Zulkardi assigns us (impome 2011 students in palembang) to make two kind of blog. First is p4mri blog and the second one is personal blog.

These are the blog addresses:



Review of RekenWeb and Barney a java applet of mathematics game

In the previous meeting, Prof. Zulkardi assigned us to explore and observe a java applet from So that, i made some note for that site and a applet called Barney. RekenWeb is a site which provides some mathematics teaching and learning sources such as mathematics games which can be used to teach realistic mathematics. Barneyis one of the games in that site.It’s dedicated for students in age 10 up to 12 who want to learn more while gaming about numbers (subtraction, addition and multiplication).  This game is similar to  game called  ‘dart’ (Darts is a form of throwing game where darts are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall Pasted from <>).  In the other word, Barney is digital/computer version of Dart.

You can download the review of that website and games through following links:

  1. Barney (reviewed by Evangelista L.W. Palupi)
  2. Review Math Applet RekenGames (by Evangelista L.W. Palupi)


posted on Tuesday, 13th Sept 2011

Java Applet & Mathemtics Game: BOOK OF MAGIC

As I said before in the previous post that in the RekenWeb Game site there are some java applet or mathematics game which can be used to teach or learn mathematics. We already reviewed a game called Barney which is about subtraction and multiplication. Now, i’ll review another game/applet called BOOK OF MAGIC. This applet can be used to teach and learn about addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, negative number and decimal number. So that, this game is suitable for 9 until 12 age group.


  • Use numbers and the buttons for +, -, x, : on the left page to make the given number on the right page of the book
  • Numbers have to be used all and each number only can be used once
  • The buttons for “+, -, x, :” can be used as many as you want (you can use + twice or even three times)
  • The outcome of an addition, subtraction, division or multiplication can be used in the next calculation/sum.
  • You always have to write three sums
  • You can skip a hard problem and go to the easier one in another page by clicking  on the corner of the page. Right corner is for “next page” and the left one is for “previous page”
  • If you make a mistake in your calculation and you want to redo it, you can press or click “undo”.
  • If you get the right solution you will see the hidden animal (that’s why is called magic book)

If you want to read more about the review click link bellow:

Book of Magic (reviewed by Evangelista L.W. Palupi)

And if you want to play the game, click link bellow:


Book of Magic Worksheet: Math Activity/game


Getalslierten “Number String”: Math Game/Permainan Matematika


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